Sistahs Stepping In Pride Festival – Oakland, CA


I knew today was going to be a good day. I slept in late and I awoke from the most lucid wet dream I’ve had in years. I attempted to linger in bed hoping the dream muses would favor me with a sequel. (Rewind selector, rewind selector!)Juicy dream and languid day aside, I was intent on venturing out of my hut in support of the organizers and participants of Sistahs Stepping in Pride. I reasoned I could resume slumber and fantasizing later in the day but duty and devotion called.

Big up to Peggy Moore and the SSIP organizing goddesses for
conjuring another east bay love fest. What a perfect day to be at the lake enjoying mild weather and warm sistah vibrations. I hella love Oakland! Yeah, I said it. Love me some Oaktown.


This year’s scaled down festival felt like a big backyard family
gathering. You know, the type of gathering where you can reunite with distant relatives and extended family. Shoot the breeze, savor the eye candy and just be with da folks in a safe and loving environment.

As usual the festival was well organized and included activities for children, community information booths and performers. Given the lack of funding, competing demands and personal commitments of the core volunteers the SSIP organizers deserve maximum respect for pulling this event off yet again.

I highly recommend Oakland as a travel destination for regional and out-of-state visitors alike.


Oaktown home of funky sistahs, powerful spirits and roots women.

Chant peace.

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