Dispatch #7: Amsterdam

Jet lagged but happy to head into Amsterdam city centre.

Regular travelogue readers know that Paris is my mistress and most favorite city to visit.  Amsterdam tops my list for the best transit airport and day trip.  In route to Trondheim, Norway I had to depart San Francisco, transfer in Paris, layover for 4 hours in Amsterdam before connecting with my Trondheim flight.  I imagine if I had to make this many connections in any other cities I would have been annoyed.  As it turned out Paris, Amsterdam and Trondheim was a perfect score.

Express service every 15-20 minutes.

Amsterdam city centre is only a 15 minute express train ride from Schipol International airport. Travelers come from all over Europe just to shop at Schipol.  I have transited through this airport with shorter layovers and spent the time strolling its massive shopping centre. My 4-hour layover yesterday allowed ample time to visit the city centre, walk along the canal, and sightsee.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the city centre and look forward to visiting again.

Train terminal located in airport.

Amsterdam Tourism|Schipol Airport

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