Dispatch #8: Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim is a lovely 1,010 year old large village-small city with fjords, lakes and river flowing through town. This place gives new and positive meaning to the phrase “getting medieval”. The tallest building and centerpiece of the village is Nidaros Cathedral.

My first impressions are numerous and very favorable. Here are two snap shots I took between my hotel and meeting venue. Just imagine me taking this route everyday this week–it sure doesn’t feel like work.

Click to see full size
trondheim_1.JPG trondheim_2.JPG

News From Norway – Planes grounded in Scandinavia

An estimated 10,000 passengers had their flights disrupted on Wednesday 9/13 to allow inspection the SAS fleet of Dash-8 propeller planes. Fortunately, my flight to Norway took me through France and Holland, not Sweden or Denmark. And, I flew on Air France regional jets not propeller planes. Everything is in divine order.
[sw 9.12.07]

Photo Quiz

What is so special about a water foundation that it rates taking a souvenir photograph?

Click to see full size:

Stay tuned for the answer.


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