Sister Comrade event nearly sold out

Should be a once-in-a-lifetime evening.

Message from Lisbet:

Hello all!

After working on this event for almost a year; Sister Comrade: A Celebration of Audre Lorde and Pat Parker takes place this Saturday, November 3rd. By far, this is the largest event I’ve ever produced and I’m extremely proud of the lineup Haley and I have pulled together which includes Angela Davis, Melanie DeMore, Jewelle Gomez, Judy Grahn, Cherrie Moraga, Holly Near, Vicki Randle, Linda Tillery, Mary Watkins, Clare Coss, Blanche Wiesen Cook and more! Should be a once-in-a-lifetime evening…

This event is almost sold out and for those who don’t have tickets yet, the remaining advance tix are being sold at Black Oak books in Berkeley; Laurel Bookstore in Oakland; and Modern Times bookstore in S.F. There will be a small block of tickets sold at the door but they’ll go fast so show up early! The box office opens at 5pm.

Hope to see you there!

Have you seen Audre and Pat’s image gracing the streets of Oakland? Look for them at Park Blvd. @ 580, Grand @ Harrison, MacArthur @ Lakeshore, Telegraph @ MacArthur (thank you Peggy Moore!)

For more info visit:



Poetry Should Ride the Bus
By Ruth Forman

poetry should hopscotch in a polka dot dress
wheel cartwheels
n hold your hand
when you walk past the yellow crack house

poetry should wear bright red lipstick
n practice kisses in the mirror
for all the fine young men with fades
shootin craps around the corner

poetry should dress in fine plum linen suits
n not be so educated that it don’t stop in
every now n then to sit on the porch
and talk about the comins and goins of the world

poetry should ride the bus
in a fat woman’s Safeway bag
between the greens n chicken wings
to be served with tuesday’s dinner

poetry should drop by a sweet potato pie
ask about the grandchildren
n sit through a whole photo album
on an orange plastic covered lazyboy with no place to go

poetry should sing red revolution love songs
that massage your scalp
and bring hope to your blood
when you think you’re too old to fight

poetry should whisper electric blue magic
all the years of your life
never forgettin to look you in the soul
every once in a while
n smile


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