Dispatch #10 – Cineaffable: Paris International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival


Being visible is about letting others see us. It is also about seeing ourselves, being aware of our strength and using it. We don’t have to ask for the right to exist if we are already here! We are what we show ourselves to be, alone or in a couple, in private places or public places and in our thousands…

The festival is a crossroad of ideas, a catalyst. Together we make it happen: festival goers and organizers, we put on a great show. The festival is a stage, a huge stage where lesbians are at the centre of the universe.

Every year we organize this women-only festival. A festival of films by women film-makers, films for lesbians and films by lesbians. The festival is an annual rendezvous, an empowering moment when we show images of lesbians and feminist perspectives, when we engage in debates, put on an art exhibition, enjoy an opening gala concert and have a party.

–From Cineffable Website


Cineaffable is an excellent case study in effective lesbian cultural arts organizing and programming. For nearly 20 years, a collective of dedicated volunteers working with a relatively limited budget and staff resources has consistently produced a world-class international film festival in one of the most exciting cities in the world. From my perspective as an outsider, the logistical aspect of pulling off this event is nothing short of brilliant and highly commendable.

Festival participants are treated to a full program including film screenings, debates, live performance, visual art exhibits and soirées. I am here to tell you French dykes know how to mobilize political gatherings, protest demonstrations and throw down a good party! I am convinced the French propensity for infusing passion in these types of undertakings is what distinguishes their brand of organizing.

cineaffable_7.JPGWhen I first attended Cineaffable in 2005, I was very impressed by the scope of the programming and the fabulous event venues. My heart was warmed by the graciousness of the women I met; I was pleased to reunite with some of them on this trip. This year’s festival was equally impressive and high energy. When I arrived in Paris, I immediately dropped off my luggage at the hotel then headed to the magnificent baroque style Le Trianon theatre to join the fun.

First time visitors to Paris and solo travelers in particular will find the film festival to be a good travel bargain. The convenience of having the festival located in an arrondissement popular with visitors, easily accessible by metro and jam-packed with five days of activities can’t be beat.

Caption: $500 (USD) = 311 euros. Ouch!

Mark you calendar for the festival’s 20th anniversary celebration in 2008. Start planning now for next year. Whether it will be your maiden or return trip to Paris, make it a point to come. It is very likely that you will find me too in the embrace of my mistress, Paris.

J’aime Paris!

Cineaffable Photo Album 


Upcoming in Skyeview
Headed to warm and sunny Porto, Portugal for a few days then back to Paris for this weekend’s colloquim on sexism and racism.

Journées d’études organisées par NQF
Le 10 novembre 2007
L’imbrication du sexisme et du racisme
en France et aux USA aujourd’hui

Colloque organisé par Nouvelles Questions féministes
et l’Université Columbia à Paris, Reid Hall.


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