Cassandra Wilson @ Yoshis


Who: Cassandra Wilson
When: January 29 – February 3, 2008
Where: Yoshis Jazz Club – Oakland
Cost: $32-$42


Cassandra Wilson
Jan 29, 2008 – Feb 3, 2008
Tues – Thurs all shows $32 & $36
Fri – Sun all shows $38 & $42

Reginald Veal, Bass

Marvin Sewell, Guitar

Herlin Riley, Drums

Lekan Babaloa, Percussion

Jonathan Batiste, Piano

Yoshis east bay jazz club and restaurant

Grammy-winning jazz vocalist Cassandra Wilson became one of the top jazz singers of the ’90s, a vocalist blessed with a distinctive and flexible voice who is not afraid to take chances. She began playing piano and guitar when she was nine and was working as a vocalist by the mid-’70s, singing a wide variety of material. She is a self-confessed restless spirit always eager to move on to the next project, the next sound. In a string of acclaimed, best-selling albums, she has expanded the boundaries of jazz by incorporating everything from blues legend Robert Johnson to Neil Young, James Taylor and the Monkees (“Last Train to Clarksville,” off her lauded “New Moon Daughter” CD in 1996). But last year, she felt New Orleans was the place for rebirth. Drawing from that inspiration, she will perform songs from her forthcoming CD on Blue Note when she hits the stage at Yoshi’s San Francisco for 6 unforgettable nights!


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