Healing Rage

“Rage has lost its respectability. We need to make rage respectable again.”
[June Jordan, A Place of Rage documentary.]


I highly recommend Ruth King’s workshop. In 2003, I participated in the workshop conducted at the National Black Lesbian Conference and was quiet transformed by the experience. Good healing medicine for those who want it.

Transforming Our Rage Inheritance
A Daylong Retreat For People Of Color
With Ruth King

February 10, 2007
10 am – 4 pm
East Bay Meditation Center
2147 Broadway @ 22nd St., downtown Oakland
Open to all People of Color
We each embody a rage inheritance—the unresolved rage of our parents and ancestors—that we live out of unconscious loyalty to them. The day’s practice will incorporate African indigenous wisdom and Family Constellations methodology as we reveal entanglements with the fate of family ancestors. We create a “knowing field” as we stand in for each other and decode these sacred legacies. Applying the Brahma Viharas:
Loving-Kindness (Metta), Compassion (Karuna), Sympathetic Joy (Mudita), and Equanimity (Upekkha), we reacquaint ourselves with our basic goodness and learn how to be at peace in our present-day relationships, lives, and service.

In this workshop, we:
• Let go of habitual pain patterns.
• Release long-standing traumas.
• Be present to and enjoy the moment.
• Expand perceptions of right and wrong.
• Balance life.
• Develop satisfying relationships.
• Rest well in body, mind and spirit.
• Embody satisfying and healing legacies.

In this profoundly intimate and experiential work, we experience the beauty and complexity of unconditional love. We discover how seeing, being, and honoring our past frees us to be powerful and genuine in our present-day relationships, lives, and service.

Cost: The teachings are offered without charge. You will be invited to support the teachings and our efforts by choosing your own level of voluntary donation to support the expenses of the East Bay Meditation Center and the teacher. Registration required: To register, please send an email (or reply to this email) with your full name, postal address and phone number to: admin@eastbaymeditation.org.
Registration is limited to 65 people.
Out of respect for people with environmental illnesses, please do not wear fragrances or scented products at EBMC events.

Ruth King has been practicing vipassana since 1992. She is a long-term student of Jack Kornfield and received Dzogchen transmission in 2006 from lineage holder Cecile Mchardy, fondly known as The Friendly Dragon. Ruth has a masters in clinical psychology, is a life coach and organizational
development consultant, and president of Bridges, Branches & Braids. Ruth is the author of Healing Rage-Women Making Inner Peace Possible, and the audio CD Soothing the Inner Flames of Rage-Meditations that Educate the
Heart & Transform the Mind.
Visit Ruth’s web site at www.HealingRage.com
Find out more about East Bay Meditation Center at: www.eastbaymeditation.org


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