Monterrey, Mexico


I’m ambivalent about the places I’ve visited in Mexico largely in part because I have traveled there for business not leisure. From the moment I board my connecting flight in Dallas/Fort Worth and notice the flight is nearly full with American white male and Mexican male subcontractors and multinational workers I brace myself.  mujeres_mexico_1.JPG

On a previous trip and this trip I found myself unexpectedly challenged by the potential “isms” I would have to confront if I weren’t mindful of the brutal violence against women, particularly violence perpetrated against unattached independent women. The expressions of over the top patriarchy, sexual repression and religious dogma put me in check and thus dampens my travel experience.

First and foremost as a woman I didn’t feel safe in Monterrey or any of the places I transited or visited in Mexico, Secondly as a dreadlocked out lesbian I REALLY don’t feel safe and possibly in harms way. I know it’s a big country but I’m talking about deeply ingrained and institutionalized sexism and racism like some mess out of the Jim Crow south!

It seems to me the threat of violence lurks just barely below the surface. Hence I found myself on edge and somewhat anxious in Leon, Mexico City and Monterrey during my first visit a few years ago and once again on this trip. The internalized racism, colorism and classism I’ve observed amongst Mexicans are just too much for me. I don’t feel very well equipped to deal effectively with the cultural dissonance and in such a manner that would enable me to be a gracious traveler and visitor.



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