Dispatch #12.5 – India

It Isn’t Bollywood But It Sure Is Drama!riot_sign.jpg

On the eve of my departure from New Delhi to Pune via Mumbai (Bombay) I received this rather alarming email message informing me of the unrest in my next two destinations. The flight to Mumbai didn’t concern me so much as the 4-hour coach ride onward to Pune. You see, Indian rioters preferred method of demonstration is to torch, as in burn baby burn, buses and trains!

Is this hyperbole in effect or type casting the next scene?

Stay tuned.

You’ve Got Panic!
13 February 2008
Hi Ms Skye

Well I have received your email, but as you must not be aware of the situation in Pune due to a Political Riot the situation is got out of control and its worst in Mumbai. So hence if you can just call us once your leaving on sirs mobile, so that he can guide you how to take it forward thanks.

13 February 2008
Hello Varsha,

Oh wow! No I was not aware of the riots.
The hotel staff has advised me to go to the airport in the morning and take the advice of the Jet Airways officials as regards proceeding to Mumbai and Pune.
The staff said Jet Airways would cancel the flight in New Delhi and possibly the coach ride from Mumbai to Pune if deemed too dangerous. Apparently the rioters are attacking government buses and official vehicles. I will check into a hotel near the Delhi airport if the flight is cancelled.
I am not carrying a cell phone so I will have to locate a phone when I arrive in Pune. I will phone upon my arrival.
Inshalla it will all work out.
Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Peaceful Co-Existence In Gurgaon.


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