Dispatch #17 – Shanghai, In The News

Hip-Hop Grannies

61-year-old granny Yang Liu is making international headlines with her new hobby, hip-hop. Dancing hip-hop to be exact. This granny isn’t ready to retire to the Tai Chi parks yet.
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Skye Comment: Pleeze!

Lesbian Myths Exposed

Myth No. One: There are no lesbians in Shanghai. This is slanderous hearsay. Brother-girls, we must unite to bring all of our Amazon sisters out from hiding to defend Shanghai’s honor as a proper lezzer town. Lady lovers are everywhere, just not always in flannel, so you may have missed us.
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Skye Comment: WHACK! This is another attempt at illusion smoke and mirrors for foreigners and nouveu middle class Chinese nationals.

Woman “had gasoline on plane”

A Uygur young woman was seized on a passenger plane flying from Urumqi to Beijing after an air hostess smelled gasoline the woman brought on board as part of a suspected terrorist attack . . .
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Skye Comment: The woman brought GASOLINE aboard!


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