Paris Art Venues – Skye Picks


A free cultural events publication distributed in Paris and PDF versions available on-line.


Confluences Maison des Arts Urbains

I discovered this place in February when I went to check out the “Mirage d’Europe” photography exhibit. The venue is a multipurpose exhibit, concert, film screening, theatre space and coffee house with a lively and welcoming art collective vibe.

I recommend visitors drop by Confluences to peruse the events flyer table. The table is actually a cleverly converted vintage soundboard.

Photo album


Espace Canopy

My visit to Espace Canopy (2/26) provided me with an opportunity to engage in a very STIMULATING discussion that focused on the “Precious Cargo” exhibit installed by African American expatriate Cheryl Ann Bolden. I found Cheryl to be a fascinating woman who has lived in many countries and describes herself as a healer through her art, acupuncture and her life. She told me she traveled to the Europe to follow her man, but eventually moved to India to raise her daughter as a single mom. She is originally form the East Coast and has lived in Alaska, Portugal, England, China, and Australia.

 I can’t even describe how energizing it was for me to engage in such a provocative discussion on race matters, ethnic notions, artistic expression, and spiritual healing all in one evening with such an expressive group of people. The discussion was conducted in French and Americaine that allowed me the opportunity to practice my French listening comprehension and engage in conversation. I thought it rather amusing that folks wanted to hear me speak because of my African American west coast accent.

Afterwards I enjoyed a leisurely Indian dinner with the artist, friends, and gallery owners Mari-lène and Charlotte. What a splendid evening in Paris!

Photo album


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