Skyeview: Bang For The Buck Women’s Play Party and AIDS Lifecycle Fundraiser

The goods were delivered last night at the SF Citadel! The much anticipated annual fundraiser event would haven been an excellent subject for research on sex positive women’s space, particularly as it relates to the visibility of lesbians of color in this type of environment. Kinky colored gurls were in the da haus. The majority I identified was of African descent, East Asian descent, South Asian, and some Latinas.

 I didn’t get the impression there were many wallflowers in attendance. Novice and seasoned kinsters alike were sociable, flirtatious and many appeared to be excited about attending the de facto spring/summer kick off event for the Bay Area women’s play party scene.

The event was skillfully and expertly produced. The MC’s Indigo Blue and
Midori demonstrated their many years experience in producing this type of event. They kept everyone on a slow but steady simmer. A ton of money was raised, the event sponsors donated LOADS of first rate and high quality raffle prizes, the Selector played an excellent set during the
erotic dance performances that got everybody in the mood for sump’ting.
Delicious eye candy on both levels of the very well equipped safer sex space.

There appeared to be a range of sexual expressions amongst the folks but clearly FEMME TOPS in DELICIOUS and SEXY attire dominated (pun intended) the play space at least during the couple of hours I was there–which is just fine with me because noting melts this switch butta more than the undivided attention of a hot femme top. Yum!

Big Up SF Citadel for maintaining a safe and fabulous space for kinsters.





I LOVE the bay area.

[sw 4.26.08]


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