Fete, Feista, Feier, Celebrazione, Bacchanalia!

No matter how you say it DC Black Pride was ON! The full program included workshops, educational forums, networking opportunities, community resource exchanges, health education and the like. But I’m not going to front and write that I participated in any of those activities. I happened to be in town for business and I attended DC Black Pride for the PARTIES, the legendary house music and the outdoor festival.


Lawd have mercy the LGBT family up inna “Chocolate City” sure know how to gather the tribe, welcome visitors and host a very nice celebration of Black queer life. I even managed to meet up with long-time sistahfriends from outside of the DC area including a couple of former Bay Area residents. Luckily my buddy and author Dorothy Randall Gray was in town to conduct a series of writing workshops for DC Black Pride. She quickly brought me up to speed on where to find mature sistahs including the Saturday evening Old School Vocal House Music party at the host hotel and the Sunday evening Sister-2-Sister soiree.

Skyediver and writer Dorothy Randall-Gray

Sister-2-Sister Party

Big up former Oakland resident Papaya Mann for co-hosting this fun party at the stately Blair Mansion Inn that featured three dance floors, multiple bars, outdoor patio and a slew of elegant and handsome women.  Yum!!!

Washington, DC Photo Albums


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