Celebrating Black Butch Visibility In The Performing Arts

In support of my long-time comrade, sistahfriend, and daddi-dyke Pippa Fleming I want to direct Skyeview readers to the announcement below.

The Ms. K.I.A. Chronicles is important cultural work and will surely serve to increase Black butch visibility in the performing arts. The project is still a work-in-progress but these women are off to a grand start.

Pippa recently added video clips online including this CHOICE clip from a rehearsal. The musicians are Pat Wilder, guitar, Caroline Acuna, conga, Trevelyn D. Lee, drums, and Pippa Fleming, vocals. I have also included one of my favorite scenes from the live performance because it was such a surprise and moving dance segment.


Bonus Links

The Ms. K.I.A. Chronicles Underground Rehearsal
The Ms. K.I.A. Chronicles “It’s A Man’s World”

KPFA interview with writer/director/choreographer/DJ (etc., etc,) Pippa Fleming, and producer and Endangered Species Project activist Grace Dueñas [sic?] , and cellist Naboko Mizaguchi [sic?], on Fleming’s performance project “The Ms. K.I.A Chronicles” a “multimedia exploration of African American butch, griot identity in America” taken from her longer work Living In the Mainstream.

Fleming looks at various aspects of identity taking into account the inter-generational questions of identity in relationship to gender, race, national identity, culture and memory.



Dear friends, associates and newly made connections,

In June 2008, I premiered the theatrical version of “ The Ms. K.I.A. Chronicles” at Laney College Theatre. I am pleased to announce that clips of the show are on line and can be seen on Youtube and Myspace.

One of the most important aspects of being an independent lesbian artist is visibility, marketing and promotion. I am calling on each of you to bear witness to this unique project that features an all women’s band and to share this work with others. If any of you know promoters, booking agents or anyone in a position that would be willing to sponsor this project, please feel free to contact me.

Currently the Ms. K.I.A. band is gearing up to perform regularly beginning this fall as a means to promote and raise funds for the theatrical production. I will be sending out announcements of upcoming shows.

How can you help?

Share, rate or become channel subscribers on Youtube
Book me for lectures, workshops or conferences that deal with LGBT issues, butch identity or women in the media and arts.
Book the Ms. K.I.A. band for live performances or the theatrical show.
Sponsor this project by contacting pippa@pippafleming.com
Hire me for after school programs

How to find me?

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