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A Bloody Path To The Ballot Box

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I vote because so many have sacrificed so much for me and mine.

Telegenic Black Male Manufactured Charismatic Leadership
I neither support nor oppose Barack Obama and have really come to resent the assumption that my vote for him is a given.

The names of Jesse Jackson and Colin Powell came up in discussions on potential first African American presidential contenders, but not once during this 2-year campaign did I hear the name of the late Honorable Shirley Chisholm. On January 23, 1972, she became the first major party African American candidate for President of the United States.







Roll Call
As an Afriles feminist independent critical thinker I’m not willing to
quietly ignore the historical and contemporary contribution of everyday
folk and a few extraordinary Black women who’ve made it possible for me to cast my vote.

Freedom Summer

So as I cast my mail ballot today, I call out the names of ancestors’ known and unknown who have cleared the path.

Shirley Chisholm

Carol Moseley Braun

Barbara Jordan

Fannie Lou Hammer

Let’s flip the script in 2008 and remember the womenfolk this time around.

Dispatch #22 – Darkie Toothpaste Sighting At Beijing Airport

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To my absolute shock and dismay while going through the security checkpoint in Beijing Capital Airport I spotted a partially used tube of Darkie toothpaste amongst the confiscated liquid and creams bin near the x-ray machines.

Colgate to Rename a Toothpaste
Atomic Bomb Cinema: Mouth Jazz Toothpaste, aka Darkie Toothpaste and Black Face Toothpaste

Dispatch #21: Beijing Lunch

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The ginger garlic crumb shrimp was DELICIOUS!

Wo Bu Yau Xiea Xiea
(translation “no thank you”)

The fish was served whole, then the head was returned to the table for plundering by my hosts. I had to take a pass cuz Nemo kept staring back at me with those jagged
teeth! Too much…

Not Your Neighborhood Fowl

I’m not particularly fond of duck but since this Peking Duck was ordered in my honor I had to at least take a nibble or two as a courtesy. It was cooked to perfection.

Dispatch #20: Zhongxing (Androgyny) and Censorship

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I read with amusement this China Daily News commentary on Li Yunchun, an American Idol type celebrity in China.  Note the opaque references to her non-traditional appearance.  Interestingly all the Google image websites and non-Chinese sites were blocked by the censors.

“Lee’s non-feminine appearance, and her vigor and devotion on stage, has created a different performance style and also aroused much curiosity among the younger generation…She has no professional qualifications and does not have the looks one expects of a woman. But for Lee’s young fans it does not deter them from appreciating her.”  ~China Daily

Dispatch #19: Beijing, Peoples Republic of China – Redux

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Niahao! (Hello) I can hardly believe it’s been only seven months since my maiden trip to China. In the spring, Beijing was abuzz with Olympic
fever– now that the party is over it seems the city is basking in the
after glow. This uncharacterically clear sunny weather is perfect for
sightseeing and walking about.

Hotel Recommendation

I’ve return to the Beijing Friendship Hotel a spectacular and incredibly affordable 5-star hotel. Traditional Chinese architecture combined with upscale amenties, well appointed suites and convienent location garners high marks in my book. The daily rate for a deluxe suite is $190, tax included!

Photo Album

Coming Up: Beijing, Peoples Republic of China

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Travelogue, dispatch and photos.

About Beijing
Beijing Beat: Women Make Noise
Skye Gallery (China)
Dispatch #15 – Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

Somei Yoshino Taiko Ensemble (SYTE)

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SYTE is a terrific ensemble! Ellen Reiko Bepp, a principal drummer with the ensemble is sheer poetry in motion. Don’t miss this free performance.

Upcoming Performance
Yerba Buena Gardens Festival Target Family Day – Free Outdoor Event 
Sunday, October 19, 2008
11am to 4 pm

SYTE performs from 12 noon to 12:50 pm

Esplanade Stage (Mission between 3rd and 4th Streets)

About SYTE
Somei Yoshino Taiko Ensemble (SYTE), founded in 1999, goes beyond the beat of the taiko drum to use music, theater and dance as a medium to express the human condition as it relates to its environment, community and its future.   Link | Video

You’re cordially invited to Somei Yoshino Taiko Ensemble’s free outdoor concert at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco starting at noon on October 19. Target Family Day is a one day collaboration between five art institutions residing within a city block of Yerba Buena Gardens. The other participants include Zeum, The Museum of the African Diaspora, SFMOMA, and the new Contemporary Jewish Museum.

Yerba Buena
Gardens Festival will curate two stages, from 12 noon to 3pm. The Children’s Garden Stage (outside Zeum) will feature performances appropriate for children under 10. The larger Esplanade Stage will feature groups appealing to audiences of all ages.

Click here for more information.