Coming Up: Cineaffable Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival

Cineaffable is the BEST of the BEST lesbian cultural event bar none.
Imagine over a thousand lesbians from Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Latin and Central America attending film screenings, parties, debates, visual art exhibition, and lesbian organization information tables all in the magnificent Baroque style Le Trianon and nearby Halle Saint Pierre. I can hardly wait!

In the meantime I’m watching endless loops of Paris, J’taime a brilliant and entertaining film about The City of Love. Anyone familiar with the different flavors of Paris arrondisments (districts) will appreciate this film.

Share the joy of coming together to blow out our 20 candles for this essential event on the international lesbian scene (rated in the Top 10 of worldwide lesbian events in the British magazine Diva!). We look forward to seeing you all this fall to wish the festival a happy birthday! [Cineaffable website]

Paris, je t’aime (IMDB plot summary, dvd available on netflix)
Skye Gallery (France ’07)
Dispatch #10 – Cineaffable: Paris International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival
Travelogue – Paris, France


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