Dispatch #24: Obama Mania In Paris!

One of the local newspaper reports that over 84% of Parisians support the election of Barack Obama as US president. The report only confirms what I’ve witnessed with my own eyes and ears since the election. Folks are JUBLILANT, ESCATIC and ELATED by the election results because it gives them hope of getting rid of French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Sarkozy as some of you might recall was the former interior minister who incited the North African youth during the 2005 riots by referring to them as “scum”.

My hope is that folks in the states will not get caught up in the cult of personality and Black male messiah fetishism that have derailed previous freedom trains. My hope is that the grassroots organizing, personal courage and alliance work that made this Obama election a success will be sustained.

Obama-Paris Gallery


Sloganeering To The Extreme

This morning I went to a pharmacy to inquire about an herbal remedy for my digestive aliment brought on by too many business lunches and over-indulgence on French bread, cheese, and butter sauces. Since I wanted to be sure to know what the product contained I asked the male pharmacy assistant if there were English speakers on staff and if someone could assist me. He smiled, paused for affect and said, “Yes we can.” He looked at me for a moment to make sure I got the play on words. He was so pleased with himself.

Ummm, the product was an herbal LAXATIVE.

Are You Traveling to Paris?

Check out the exhibitions at the Musee Dapper

Musee Dapper
Femmes dans les arts d’Afrique
10 octobre 2008 – 12 juillet 2009

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