Dispatch 25 – Mumbai Attacks and Shout Out From Ahmedabad

The entire drama in Mumbai is being played out on the tv non-stop. The stand off between the police, the military and the gunmen has exceeded more than 12 hours. It’s weird because, unlike the states where the media and bystanders are cordoned off from the scene of an incident, folks are standing accross the street from the areas under attack. In some cases, they are directly in front of the hotels. So, I’ve been able to keep informed for hours on end. The US Consulate and Air France have not posted any travel advisories so i’m not worried about departing India.

I’m perfectly safe and far away from Mumbai. My Ahmedabad colleague invited me to stay at his house until my departure, but there really isn’t any need. It’s sad…but the reality is Indians live with this type of violence. Well, not on this scale, but violence is a reality for a lot of people in the world.

Chant peace and pray for the folks who lost their lives.



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