Post Mumbai Ruminations

It saddened me to leave India early, but I did not want my family and friends to stress over my being there. So with a heavy heart, I departed India by way of Doha, Qatar, London, UK, and Los Angeles, CA. My body is just now catching up with the enormity of the Mumbai attacks.

Qatar Airport Mosque

Qatar Airport Residential Compound (UAE)

I’m trying to decompress from the trip but the more I reflect on the political aspects involved in the response to the Mumbai attacks including the usual unchecked communalism, corrupt politicians and inept law enforcement officials the more enraged I become. Mumbai police, government officials and the t.v. media in Bombay have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS due to what I observed as ineptitude, recklessness, sensationalism and a gross disregard for the physical safety of victims and the well being of the victim’s families.

“Stay calm, the terrorists are not attacking Indians-only Americans and British. Indians have nothing to worry about.”
[Actual quote.]

The television producers at Times Now the English language channel should be drenched in blood due to their use of high-powered telephoto video cameras during the first day of the siege. Times Now showed in real time footage of terrified hotel guests attempting to hide from the terrorists while at the same time alert rescuers to their whereabouts. On the second day of the siege, a Taj Hotel victim emerged from the hotel confirming that terrorists had indeed been watching the news the first day of the attack and shifting their movements in tandem with the police. By then, the confirmed death toll exceeded 100 fatalities. 


Skyediver and friends

Enjoy these photos of my beloved Bombay taken two days prior to the attacks.

Taj Palace Hotel (background) Indian Navy Band in front of the Gate of India.

Photo Album

Jai Hind. (Long live India)

[SW 12.4.08]


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