Olfactory Offerings

Haji Ali Dargah (Mumbai) – Incense attendant

On 12/6, I had the pleasure of being in community with several light-filled sistern who attended the Rhythm Sistas dance/drum circle. In addition to the food and music love offerings that seem to have become an integral part of the monthly circle–I shared incense cargo from my recent India trip.

I explained how for centuries Arabs have used these scents in various Islamic cultures to perfume their homes in desert climates. And, how Hindus and Muslims alike burn ritual incense during worship. I use the scents in my spiritual practice, daily meditation and healing arts.

For the benefit of those who missed the talk or simply the curious, I have prepared a brief description and names of the scents gifted at the circle. I’ve also included on-line resources for conjuring women who want to deepen their alchemic knowledge. Attars are not only used to scent the home, body, and clothes. Certain attars distilled from Agarwood Oils, or Oud, are highly valued for their aphrodisiacs properties.

Lastly, a word about purchasing dhoop, when visiting your local Indian bazaar do insist on FRESH and premium quality incense. To avoid being sold low quality incense reserved for unsuspecting non-Indians, ask for puja quality incense. If you are in India, the best place to purchase dhoop is from vendors near temples and mosques.

Stir your pots!

Indian Attars, Islamic Attar Perfume Oils & Pure Fragrance Oils in India

Dhoop: Lavendar and 6am. Ritual incense used during puja
Chandan: Sandlewood incense sticks for everyday use.
Attar – distilled essential oils, traditional Arabian process
Attar (charcoal discs) – BAKHAR AL AREET
Attar (wood pieces) – OUD MOATTAR MUKHALLAT


The Establishment Name: Attar Ahmed Dawood
Address: Shop No.6, Apollo Bunder, Landsdowne Road, Colaba
City: Mumbai – 400039.
Telephone Number/s: +91-22-22870435
(I’ve patronized this shop for nearly 8 years-fine gentlemen.)

Attar Ahmed Dawood, Colaba, Mumbai
manufacturer and exporter of perfumes, perfume oils, fragrance oils,
perfumery compounds, essential perfume oil, pure perfume oil, scented
perfume oil, perfume body oil, perfume oil bottle, essential oil for
cosmetics and essential oils for perfumes

How are Traditional Attars Made?
Attar Extraction Process (attar of roses)

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