Dispatch #27: Babies Slaughtered in Gaza

cnn_turk2_09 cnn_turk3_09

On the eve of my departure from Turkey, I sit here transfixed in front of the television. I watch endless loops of CNN Turk footage depicting the carnage that is raining down on Palestinian children–neigh on Palestinian babies…babies…babies. I can’t breath.


The images of Israeli soldiers and civilians jumping up and down in jubilation and celebration makes my head hurt. My breath is caught in my throat.


The CNN Turk news anchor is doing a valiant job of not breaking down in tears as he holds a mobile phone while broadcasting the wailing and plaintive cries of a Palestinian father who gave a first person and live report immediately after an Israeli attack. The man’s child is dead. I am stunned into silence even though I sit here alone.

cnn_turk4_09 cnn_turk5_09

I turn off the t.v.


Protests in Turkey

ankara_protest_09 ankara2_protest_09
Ankara Ankara
istanbul_protest_09 erzurum_protest_09
Istanbul Erzurum

Yesterday’s protest against the Gaza attacks continued today and has occurred in all the major cities in Turkey.

The world is watching to see how the Obama administration will address this travesty.
“None of us are free, if one of us is chained”.


Ankara, Turkey

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One Response to “Dispatch #27: Babies Slaughtered in Gaza”

  1. dearest skye,
    these entries, including the Heaven Help Us All clip, moved me. As I put my head in my arms and wept, I realized that my response was not only for the entries you so beautifully put together, but also for love of the woman who did put them together, to share–the woman I always remember naming the peacemaker during our first california time together…still sending love, tucker

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