Drum and Dance Medicine (Oakland, CA)

Bay Area sistern come get your drum and dance medicine on with these powerful conjuring women and light-filled youth.


Message From Rhythm Sistas

Rhythm Sistas Drumming and Dance Circle

Greetings to the Rhythm Sistas Community,

The time for our July circle is almost here!!  This year continues to bring many blessings, as the positive energy we have generated is spreading throughout the greater community. We look forward to being with our Rhythm Sistas family again and sharing in the healing vibrations of our hearts and the drum.

The Rhythm Sistas


Saturday – July 18, 2009

1pm – 4pm

Mosswood Park, (MacArthur and Broadway, Oakland)

HOSTED BY: Nahi Akinola Brewer, Charlene Gumbs, Sandy Mills, Mar Stevens & Monica Anderson


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