Feminist Delta & Piedmont Blues (CA)

Skyeview Wildsang


Message From Wildsang

We are really looking forward to this weekend when we will be Live on KPIG Radio on Sunday morning then driving up to GUERNEVILLE for WOMENS WEEKEND where at 6:30 we will be performing at the wonderful MAIN STREET STATION CABARET. Then on Weds the 20th we will be at DON QUIXOTE’S for a 7:30 performance, co-billing with David Jacobs- Strain.  What an exciting way to start out the summer season!We can’t wait to see you all again.  Here is the WILDSANG calendar below.
Thanks for your support Kate and Hill –WILDSANG
Sun May 17 10:00 AM  KPIG Radio
WILDSANG live interview and music with Sleepy John.

Sun May 17  6:30 PM   Main Street Station Cabaret-Guerneville, CA

Wed May 20 8:00 PM  Don Quixote’s International Music Hall
Felton, CA     WILDSANG also David Jacobs-Strain

Fri Jul 17 6:00 PM   Fabulosa Fest   Russian River Fabulosa Festival-Guerneville, CA


One Response to “Feminist Delta & Piedmont Blues (CA)”

  1. Thanks for your support. Hope we’ll be able to see you
    sometime this summer. Have a great one. ~ K&H

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