Born to Drum Women’s Drum Camp (CA)

Message from Born to Drum Women’s Drum Camp

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Born to Drum Women’s Drum Camp, held for four days this year: July 2, 3, 4, and 5 in Petaluma, California. Born to Drum 2009 offers four days of drum classes, performances, community, and gatherings with women who are master drummers from many cultures. Our distinguished faculty includes Mabiba Baegne, Jackie Rago, Linda Tillery, Adwoa Kudoto, Carolyn Brandy and many more. Born to Drum will be held at the beautiful Walker Creek Ranch an hour’s drive from San Francisco or Oakland.

Born To Drum Women's Drum Camp

You can now view the daily schedule for Born to Drum on our website. The lineup of classes is very exciting. We’ve also added some new programs and activities this year:

Thursday night there will be a drum jam at the firepit!
Friday night you will have an opportunity to perform at the Open Mic. We’ll have sign ups for approximately 12 Slots of 10 minutes each. You will be able to sign up during the registration period. If there are more talents offered than the time allows we’ll do a lottery drawing to decide who will perform.
Following the Open Mic on Friday night there will be several options: Vicki Noble will be with us to lead us in an innovative Transformational Ritual Healing Circle that combines drumming, chanting, and hands-on healing. There will also be a dance with DJ music.
On Friday and Saturday afternoons there will be a special activities time where you can swim at Turtle Pond, go on a guided hike, dance with Ava, check out Bomba with Las Bamberas de La Bahia, spend time in the Spirit Lodge, jam with friends, take a nap, or….. Just have FREE time.
The Spirit Lodge is new this year. This is a beautiful set of rooms where you can spend some quiet time. There will also be facilitated discussions of various spiritual practices, a writing class, and presentations. You are invited to lead a discussion or presentation at the Spirit Lodge. Sign up will be during registration.

Day and Overnight Passes
For those unable to attend the full week-end, registration is now available for day passes. Just go to the web site and click one of the links that says “Register Here for day passes”. (There 2 links, one for paying by check and one for paying with your credit card.) You will be able to select any of the four days of camp. This year we are also offering the option of coming for one or more days and staying at camp overnight so that you can enjoy the evening programs without having to drive late at night.

Week-End Registration
Of course registration is still available for the full week-end. We hope you’ll be able to be with us.


Jackie Thomason

Born to Drum Women’s Drum Camp




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