Sister CarolDread Natty Congo

Call Me Sister Carol

One of the dancehall era’s few successful female DJs, Sister Carol was something like reggae’s answer to Queen Latifah: a strong, positive feminist voice who was inspired by her faith and never resorted to sexual posturing to win an audience. Leaning heavily on socially conscious material, Sister Carol delivered uplifting and cautionary messages drawn from her Rastafarian principles, while always urging respect for women. She was more of a singjay than a full-time toaster, capable of melodic vocals as well as solid rhymes. (Read more)

Lillian AllenRiddim An’ Hardtimes

Canada’s preeminent dub poet, whose all-female band kicks as hard as Dennis Bovell’s, with equal genre-bending. Brilliant language that snaps like gum, with perfectly matched musical beds. ~ Roger Steffens, All Music Guide

Tracy Chapman – Get Up, Stand Up

Tracy Chapman – For My Lover

Staple Singers – When Will We Be Paid (CLASSIC!)

Staple Singers – Reach Out, Touch A Hand, Make A Friend  (SANGING IT!)

Bams – Pas Cool

Kenny Arkana – La Rage

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