Summer Snapshots – Back Porch Concert Series

Back Porch Concerts is a series of “house concerts” held in a backyard in Oakland featuring queer musicians.

Pat Wilder Live!

Pat Wilder entertained the audience with her naughty and humorous “hen-in-the-henhouse” dance.

Fun, fun!

Pat Wilder’s Upcoming Performances

Bonus YouTube Video


Cuz we stand on the shoulders of giants…

Big Mama Thornton ft. Buddy Guy – Hound Dog (BEFORE)

Big Mama Thornton – Ball and Chain (AFTER)

Big Mama Thornton – Summertime

Big Mama Thornton – Rock Me (Sizzling harp and band!)


4 Responses to “Summer Snapshots – Back Porch Concert Series”

  1. Forrester McLeod Says:

    I want to come!!!! How fun!!!! Cheers…..

  2. Here are the upcoming shows-
    Pat Wilder and Serious Business –

    Friday June 19th, Torch Club 904 15th Street Sacramento, Ca. 9 pm.

    Saturday it’s Lou’s on the Pier 47 in San Francisco, 9pm show full band.

    June 21 I will be opening for Charlie Musslewhite in Winsor, Ca.

    Thank you for the pictures looking forward to playing for my girls soon…

    Bright moments to you Skye,


    • Forrester McLeod Says:

      Awww! I’m in Southern California…but I do make my way up to the great North now and again! Hopefully your singing and my presence will coincide one of these days. You look like you must beam out an ocean of joy with every note you sing!

      Have a Blast!

  3. […] Porch Concert Series 2010 (Oakland) Skyeview Archives Azucar Con Ache (Latin Jazz) Pat Wilder (Guitarist) Wildsang (Feminist Delta & Piedmont Blues) Photogalley #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } […]

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