Guest Travelogue – Fajardo, Puerto Rico


Martina Downey, Contributor

We’ve had a great time here this week.  We’ve been here since Monday and heading
home tomorrow.  The people are very friendly and just about everyone is bilingual which I hadn’t expected.

Fajardo is 45 minutes east of San Juan. We are staying at this exquisite
resort, El Conquistador of the Waldorf chain. It’s a city onto itself and
sits on top of cliff overlooking the ocean.  We had to take a ferry to
Palamino Island in order to go to the beach.  We had to take the Funicular
(tram) down to the ferry. Palamino Island is also part of the resort.  The
water was very warm and blue.  I don’t recall water being that warm. It’s
where chickens, rabbits and iguanas are one big happy family.

Old San Juan is beautiful.  That’s where you will find historical remnants
of the Spanish past.  There were two forts surrounding Old San Juan.  I
remember one of them called El Morro because it was huge with lots of
stairs to climb.  There were lots of little shops and museums.  The
architecture is moorish and very old world like.  We had lunch at this
really nice place called Aureolas.  The food was fantastic and the service

I spent today at the Golden Door spa, getting massaged and just chilling.
I needed to unwind so badly.  I love Puerto Rico and we decided that we
are definitely coming back.  We rented a car, but didn’t need to use it
much.  The resort was enormous.  Puerto Ricans make you feel welcome.


Fajardo Gallery – Photos by Tawanna Sullivan

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