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True healing comes from staying on the field of action, no matter how uncomfortable, and allowing the necessary transformation to occur.

– Ralfee Finn, The Aquarium Age

First African Heritage Worldwide 10-day Vipassana Meditation Course in Mumbai, India

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Check out this announcement about an upcoming gathering of black folks in my beloved Mumbai.

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Skyeview Gallery – India

Post Mumbai Ruminations

Travelogue – Bombay


Message from documentary filmmaker Aishah Shahidah Simmons.

Greetings of Peace ~
I wanted to share with each of you that the first African Heritage Worldwide 10-day Vipassana Meditation Course (as taught by S. N. Goenka) will be held in India from December 23, 2009 – January 3, 2010. The course will be held at Dhamma Pattana in Gorai, Mumbai, India – However, if you’re interested, you have to register for the course here.

This will be a her/historic event because this is the first course of this kind. However, it will not be the last course as there are courses being planned for the US, UK and countries in Africa in 2010 and beyond.

Unfortunately, at this moment, I can’t write more because I’m at an internet cafe in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and don’t have much time on the internet. However, I didn’t want to wait until my return from my journey before sending out this announcement because it will take time to plan to go if you’re interested and able to go…If you’re interested, it’s best to apply and plan…as opposed to plan and apply (only to find out the course is full).

Please feel free to spread the word to any and all interested people.

Be Happy!
In Peace,


Pattana Dhamma Center Photo Gallery

Update February 2010

Simply Nina: African American Art & Culture Complex

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When: Thursday, July 23 2009 6-8pm

Where: AAACC 762 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA

What:Opening Reception

Who: Twenty-six artists celebrate the haunting beauty, multifaceted talents, socially complex lyrics, and fascinating life of the High Priestess of Soul, Dr. Nina Simone through various forms of media.  Plus, one of Nina Simone’s last television interviews on BBC’s Hard Talk with Tim Sebastian.

Bonus Link

Nina Simone- Blues For Mama

Azúcar Con Aché (“Sweetness with Powerful Blessings”)

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Photo credit: Momo

Drum and Dance Medicine (Oakland)

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Greetings to the Rhythm Sistas Community,

The time for our July circle is almost here!!  This year continues to bring many blessings, as the positive energy we have generated is spreading throughout the greater community. We look forward to being with our Rhythm Sistas family again and sharing in the healing vibrations of our hearts and the drum.

The Rhythm Sistas


Saturday – July 18, 2009

1pm – 4pm

Mosswood Park, (MacArthur and Broadway, Oakland)

HOSTED BY: Nahi Akinola Brewer, Charlene Gumbs, Sandy Mills, Mar Stevens & Monica Anderson

Coming Up: Back Porch Concert Gallery

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Sizzling latin jazz with Azucar Con Ache

Photo: Momo

Photos: Skyediver

Skyeview: Seaon Stylist Presents Great Women Of Jazz

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The tribute concert held on 7/11 was unexpectedly moving and meditative.

The line up of jazz vocalists and all female back up band was a fitting tribute to our musical ancestors.   Be on the look out for Bay Area performances by vocalists Kathleen Antonia, Lady Mem’fis, T. Lowe, Darlene Coleman and musicians Tammy Hall, Tomoko Funaki, Ruthie Price and Robin Nzingah Smith.   A DVD of the concert is forthcoming by event promoter and vocalist Seaon Stylist. Please contact Seaon Stylist Presents for details. E-mail:

I was stirred  and delighted by Lady Mem’fis intrepretation of Nina Simone’s “Four Women”—her delivery of that song haunted me for hours after the concert. Felt like I wanted to weep, pray, shout or sump’ ting!  Honor and praises.

Roots Music – Nina Simone

Nina Simone:  ‘Mississippi Goddamn’

Nina Simone: Four Women

Nina Simone: Ne Me Quitte Pas

Nina Speaks

The singer discusses the effect that her participation in the civil rights movement had on her career.