Skyeview: Seaon Stylist Presents Great Women Of Jazz

The tribute concert held on 7/11 was unexpectedly moving and meditative.

The line up of jazz vocalists and all female back up band was a fitting tribute to our musical ancestors.   Be on the look out for Bay Area performances by vocalists Kathleen Antonia, Lady Mem’fis, T. Lowe, Darlene Coleman and musicians Tammy Hall, Tomoko Funaki, Ruthie Price and Robin Nzingah Smith.   A DVD of the concert is forthcoming by event promoter and vocalist Seaon Stylist. Please contact Seaon Stylist Presents for details. E-mail:

I was stirred  and delighted by Lady Mem’fis intrepretation of Nina Simone’s “Four Women”—her delivery of that song haunted me for hours after the concert. Felt like I wanted to weep, pray, shout or sump’ ting!  Honor and praises.

Roots Music – Nina Simone

Nina Simone:  ‘Mississippi Goddamn’

Nina Simone: Four Women

Nina Simone: Ne Me Quitte Pas

Nina Speaks

The singer discusses the effect that her participation in the civil rights movement had on her career.


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