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Rant: Barney Fife MuthaF#&ckers!

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I’ve been told the use of profanity demostrates a lack of intelligence and creativity.  So it is out of utter disgust and vexation that I resort to it in this post.  Gotta get this off my chest.



Today I managed to harness my energy for a brief visit to the site of  last year’s attacks. The visit was more emotional then I’d anticipated, however, any sentimentiality I may have felt for the victims of the attacks was swiftly replaced by utter contempt for the Mumbai police.  I was appalled by the lack of security at the Gate of India and near the Taj Mahal hotel.  

The 1-yer annversary is only 2 days away.  Anniversary attacks in India are commonplace. In fact, I wasn’t too keen on scheduling this trip during this time but wasn’t able to find suitable alternate dates.  Also, it felt important to me to return to my beloved Mumbai in solidarity with my colleagues and Mumbaikars.

It’s expected that the number of tourists would be down, but it’s unfathomable that the police precense would be scaled back too.  The few police officers I saw today were in typical Mumbai style, lounging about under the shade of a banyan tree seemingly without a care in the world.  The sight of one officer with his rickidy-ass wooden rifle nearly sent me over the edge.  

I flashed back to the gross ineptitude of the police and media professionals during the 2008 seige.  So many lives were lost or jepordized due to the lack of experience of both the police and media.  What’s most vexing is that the Mumbai police (and government officials) are notoriusly corrupt, always on the look out for a bribe or an opportunity to extort money.  Fuck em!

Lest anyone think me callous or uninformed I invite you to read this on point commentary by Aravind Adiga, entitled A Wounded City Turns From Tears To Anger.

Suck teeth…



9/11 lessons that India didn’t learn from 26/11

Force One cops can’t stand heat? (216 commandos fainted during skills demo)


In The News: The Duchess of Wales Makes Ends Meet

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Child Rearing

I read this header with the accompanying pics in The Times of India 11/21/09, however, the attached photographs are taken from the Daily Mail.  The little boy Jerrod Ofori Asense was keeping it real–royalty or no royalty.

Mumbai Gallery – Mahim

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It’s ALWAYS a source of great joy for me to visit the youth who live on a stretch of beach near the Dargah of Mahimi in Mahim.  On this visit I plied them with toy balls and snacks from a local vendor.  I feigned my fubol skills while engaging the more energetic and less shy youth in a playful skirmish.

In addition to visiting the youth I boated out to a sacred tomb to pay tribute. Check out the archive photos to see what the water and tomb typically looks like.  At first sight of the black murky water today I was dismayed to learn that there had been a recent oil spill.  Nevertheless I got a “reading” on the poor water condition after boating out to the sacred tomb that’s typically below the water surface.  It occurred to me that perhaps the murky water was symbolic of the trials and tribulations of Mumbai events of the past year.   And, just as the sacred lotus grows out of the mud to bestow beauty.  Perhaps the tomb for the first time in all of my visits broke the water surface to offer solace to the devotees who come here to toss flower offerings in the sea.


Mumbai Gallery-Out and About

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 Annually I visit particular churches, temples and mosques to offer tributes and prayers.

Dispatch #29: Greetings from Mumbai, India

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Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai, 11/2008

One year ago I was here in Mumbai (Bombay) just days prior to the terrorist attacks that gripped the city for what seemed like an eternity.  A couple of days before the Taj Mahal hotel was set ablaze I’d taken this photograph of the Indian Navy Band standing in front of the Gate of India, with the Taj Hotel in the back ground.

I’ve been in Bombay for a couple of days now and haven’t yet visited the Gate, the Taj or Colaba Causeway.  Perhaps my therapist was on to something when she cautioned me about delayed posttraumatic stress syndrome, because typically these are the places I visit first on my annual visits.

On November 26th the one-year anniversary of the attacks will occur.  I hope I will have absolutely NOTHING of consequence to report.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti om.

Cineffable Film Festival: Skye Picks

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I attended my 4th annual Cineffable in Oct/Nov ’09.   I remain inspired and impressed with this annual event.  Loads of fun too! 

Maximum Respect

Solidarity in French Sign Language

Skyeview Cineffable Archives



Skyeview Cineffable Gallery



Fiction. Royaume-Uni/Bahamas. 2008. Couleur. 94′. VO : Anglais, ST : Français. Distr. 

Rain is a spirited fourteen-year old who, after the death of her grandmother, seeks out her estranged mother in the city of Nassau. Her dreams of a loving reconciliation are quickly shattered when she meets Glory, a scarred, proud, guarded woman bearing no resemblance to the mother she had hoped for. Confronted by unforseeable trials, Rain’s passion for running and deeply rooted spirit brings two allies into her life: an insightful and inspiring track coach and a charming, rebellious teenage neighbor. Shot in a style that combines gritty realism, a bold and unforgettable color palette, soulful Bahamian music, and the use of local actors alongside seasoned pros, Rain takes us on a journey into the heart of a child, into the pulse of a country and the spirit of its people.

Skyeview: I found  a surprise role and scene-stealer in the lesbian character Ms. Adams played by CCH Pounder.  She was VERY convincing in her role–perhaps wishful thinking on my part!




Marche de nuit

Documentaire. France. 2008. Couleur. 30′. VO : Français, ST : Français. Distr. : v.ideaux

In June 2008, 500 girls, women, lesbians, and feminists marched at night in the streets of Paris against all male violence both by day and by night. This march draws from the expression and the actions of women and lesbians struggling all over the world.

Skyeview:  I throughly enjoyed this video because it captures well the activist spirit of Paris lesbians.  A few Collectif de le Marche de nuit  2008 members were in attendance at the screening.  Naturally, they where distibuting info for an upcoming march.  Gotta LOVE the espirit d’corp of  French dykes!


Le Voyage de Nadia

Documentaire. Canada. 2006. Couleur. 75’08. VO : Français/Kabyle, ST : Français. Distr. : Argus Film

After an absence of 18 years, Nadia returns to her native village of Tazmalt, which she had left following a fixed wedding with an Algerian man from Montreal. The walls of the family home as well as patriarchal traditions continue to divide society, keeping men and women apart. Nadia meets the women of her village and allows them to speak out. She intimately discusses her memories as a submissive woman and the experience of living as a free woman in Quebec.



Sénégalaises et Islam

Documentaire. Sénégal. 2007. Couleur. 35′. VO : Français, ST : Français. Distr. : Karoninka Prod

Senegalese muslim women describe their way of life, their religion, and their place in the world.





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