Cineffable Film Festival: Skye Picks

I attended my 4th annual Cineffable in Oct/Nov ’09.   I remain inspired and impressed with this annual event.  Loads of fun too! 

Maximum Respect

Solidarity in French Sign Language

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Skyeview Cineffable Gallery



Fiction. Royaume-Uni/Bahamas. 2008. Couleur. 94′. VO : Anglais, ST : Français. Distr. 

Rain is a spirited fourteen-year old who, after the death of her grandmother, seeks out her estranged mother in the city of Nassau. Her dreams of a loving reconciliation are quickly shattered when she meets Glory, a scarred, proud, guarded woman bearing no resemblance to the mother she had hoped for. Confronted by unforseeable trials, Rain’s passion for running and deeply rooted spirit brings two allies into her life: an insightful and inspiring track coach and a charming, rebellious teenage neighbor. Shot in a style that combines gritty realism, a bold and unforgettable color palette, soulful Bahamian music, and the use of local actors alongside seasoned pros, Rain takes us on a journey into the heart of a child, into the pulse of a country and the spirit of its people.

Skyeview: I found  a surprise role and scene-stealer in the lesbian character Ms. Adams played by CCH Pounder.  She was VERY convincing in her role–perhaps wishful thinking on my part!




Marche de nuit

Documentaire. France. 2008. Couleur. 30′. VO : Français, ST : Français. Distr. : v.ideaux

In June 2008, 500 girls, women, lesbians, and feminists marched at night in the streets of Paris against all male violence both by day and by night. This march draws from the expression and the actions of women and lesbians struggling all over the world.

Skyeview:  I throughly enjoyed this video because it captures well the activist spirit of Paris lesbians.  A few Collectif de le Marche de nuit  2008 members were in attendance at the screening.  Naturally, they where distibuting info for an upcoming march.  Gotta LOVE the espirit d’corp of  French dykes!


Le Voyage de Nadia

Documentaire. Canada. 2006. Couleur. 75’08. VO : Français/Kabyle, ST : Français. Distr. : Argus Film

After an absence of 18 years, Nadia returns to her native village of Tazmalt, which she had left following a fixed wedding with an Algerian man from Montreal. The walls of the family home as well as patriarchal traditions continue to divide society, keeping men and women apart. Nadia meets the women of her village and allows them to speak out. She intimately discusses her memories as a submissive woman and the experience of living as a free woman in Quebec.



Sénégalaises et Islam

Documentaire. Sénégal. 2007. Couleur. 35′. VO : Français, ST : Français. Distr. : Karoninka Prod

Senegalese muslim women describe their way of life, their religion, and their place in the world.





Until next year...



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