Dispatch #29: Greetings from Mumbai, India

Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai, 11/2008

One year ago I was here in Mumbai (Bombay) just days prior to the terrorist attacks that gripped the city for what seemed like an eternity.  A couple of days before the Taj Mahal hotel was set ablaze I’d taken this photograph of the Indian Navy Band standing in front of the Gate of India, with the Taj Hotel in the back ground.

I’ve been in Bombay for a couple of days now and haven’t yet visited the Gate, the Taj or Colaba Causeway.  Perhaps my therapist was on to something when she cautioned me about delayed posttraumatic stress syndrome, because typically these are the places I visit first on my annual visits.

On November 26th the one-year anniversary of the attacks will occur.  I hope I will have absolutely NOTHING of consequence to report.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti om.

2 Responses to “Dispatch #29: Greetings from Mumbai, India”

  1. tucker farley Says:

    here’s hoping for nothing
    except love

  2. Hope is all we can do. This is a sad time for all those who lost someone.

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