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It’s ALWAYS a source of great joy for me to visit the youth who live on a stretch of beach near the Dargah of Mahimi in Mahim.  On this visit I plied them with toy balls and snacks from a local vendor.  I feigned my fubol skills while engaging the more energetic and less shy youth in a playful skirmish.

In addition to visiting the youth I boated out to a sacred tomb to pay tribute. Check out the archive photos to see what the water and tomb typically looks like.  At first sight of the black murky water today I was dismayed to learn that there had been a recent oil spill.  Nevertheless I got a “reading” on the poor water condition after boating out to the sacred tomb that’s typically below the water surface.  It occurred to me that perhaps the murky water was symbolic of the trials and tribulations of Mumbai events of the past year.   And, just as the sacred lotus grows out of the mud to bestow beauty.  Perhaps the tomb for the first time in all of my visits broke the water surface to offer solace to the devotees who come here to toss flower offerings in the sea.



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