Zuna Institute Congratulates Nation’s First Openly Black Lesbian Legislator

Simone Bell, Georgia State House Representative

For Immediate Release
Francine Ramsey
(916) 207-1037

Zuna Institute Congratulates Nation’s First Openly Black Lesbian Legislator

Sacramento, CA (December 3, 2009) – Zuna Institute congratulates Simone Bell for being the first openly Black Lesbian elected official in the United States. Simone Bell won her run-off race for District 58 in the State of Georgia.  Atlanta voters turned out in record numbers to support ‘Bell’ to win a seat in the Georgia General Assembly. She becomes the second openly LGBT member of the Georgia State House, joining Rep. Karla Drenner.  Both are from the Atlanta area.

As a supporter and colleague of Simone Bell, “I am thrilled that we have a Black Lesbian representative and leader in the state of Georgia that will command equality and justice and is an example of leadership for challenging the status quo in her community” said, Francine Ramsey, Zuna Institute’s Executive Director.

For more than 20 years, Simone has worked as an activist and advocate in Atlanta and across the south. She’s tackled a broad range of issues including workplace equality, access to affordable health care, fighting HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination, safe schools for all children, youth empowerment and women’s issues.

We all wish her great success!

Zuna Institute is a national advocacy organization for Black Lesbians that addresses such issues as health, economic development, education, and public policy.  Zuna Institute brings about visibility and empowerment to the Black Lesbian community, and strives to eliminate barriers that are deeply rooted in public policies that encourage homophobia, economic and educational injustices, and other forms of social discrimination.


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