Guest Travelogue: Virgin Islands, Women’s B-ball and Eco-camping

Reported by Charlene Gumbs



I just came back from a wonderful time in one of my favourite places, the Virgin Islands. I left the quiet of St John to attended an exciting, noisy, and crowded event – The 10th Annual Paradise Jam Basketball Tournament at the University Of The Virgin Islands, where I watched the women of University of Southern Cali spank Mississipi State, and, the lady Longhorns come back to beat Rutgers in round three of the tournament. What a game! My Father, who is 70 and had never watched a womens basketball game (live or on tv) was impressed, and, fussed when his team missed a shot or lost the ball. Priceless! Rutgers won the tournament, MVP Brittany Ray.

If you want to get away from the “rat race” for a bit and you don’t need to stay in a five star hotel, consider 5 star “camping” in Eco-tents at the Estate Concordia Eco Preserve on the island of St. John. They are solar powered, sleeps up to 5, and have kitchenetts complete with kitchenware, gas stove and small fridge (no electrical outlets or cell phone signal ya’ll). I enjoyed the quiet, spending time with my sister, hiking the trails, observing the various criters that I came across, the sound of the ocean and the crickets singing at night.  I highly recommend putting this on your “Places To Go” list. For the sistahs who don’t want to “rough it”, there are studios available.

Peace and Blessings


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