Releasing Fear, Doubt, Separation And Loss

In the world of energy, remember that thought means “light”.  So it will be crucial for you to translate thought into light or dark.  When you gain this perspective, then everything else from there is easy.


Casting The Circle For 2010

I begin the New Year with a reprise of a thought form gifted to me in 1997 by my healing partner.  The thought form above was foundational in my cultivating a spiritual practice rooted in fearlessness and it helped  to illuminate my path to the feet and bosom of the Divine Mother.  Jai Maa!

Fear is a doorway, not a wall.

[stephanie austin, eco-astrology]

With the square to Pluto in the mix, there may be an increased urgency to our tasks, but we should not let fear compel us.  Our sense of purpose should be driven by what we want to create, not what we hope to avoid.

[terry lamb, daykeeper journal]


One Response to “Releasing Fear, Doubt, Separation And Loss”

  1. tucker farley Says:

    releasing fear doubt separation and loss
    upon the passing on of my friend of many decades

    John O’Donohue writes For Grief
    Suddenly with no warning,
    you are ambushed by grief.

    It becomes hard to trust yourself.
    All you can depend on now is that
    Sorrow will remain faithful to itself.
    More that you, it knows its way
    And will find the right time
    To pull and pull the rope of grief
    Until that coiled hill of tears
    Has reduced to its last drop.

    Gradually, you will learn acquaintance
    With the invisible form of your departed;
    And when the work of grief is done,
    The wound of loss will heal
    And you will have learned
    To wean your eyes
    From that gap in the air
    And be able to enter the hearth
    In your soul where your loved one
    Has awaited your return
    All the time.

    To Bless the Space between Us

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