Decolonizing the University (Call for papers)

“Decolonizing the University: Fulfilling the Dream of the Third World College”

In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Ethnic Studies

February 26-27 at UC Berkeley

Is your activism, art, scholarship, and/or spirituality relevant to the task of decolonizing the university, creating a Third World College, and/or enriching the field of Ethnic Studies?  If so, this conference might be a space for you.

Call for teach-ins, dialogues, panels, or workshops (all of these would take place on Friday the 26th, followed by a day of in-depth collective discussion about the main topics of the conference)

The purpose of this conference is to create a decolonized space that encourages dynamic exchanges through a combination of teach-ins, dialogues, panels, and workshops where multi-media and interactive participation across generations, communities, disciplines, experiences, and talents are central.  These will focus on key areas of ethnic studies such as activism, art, scholarship, and spirituality.

A short description for each category for submission follows:

Teach-in: typically one or two people provide a general educational forum on a complex issue that is meant to be practical and oriented towards social awareness, where questions from the audience are encouraged

Dialogue: generally a facilitated, conversational exchange between people, serving as a type of pedagogy where communication between people leads to deeper understanding and awareness of the topic discussed; can be a large group discussion or a small, intimate round-table conversation.

Panel: usually involves a moderator and three people presenting/discussing distinct points of view related to one topic.  Individual papers are also welcomed.

Workshop: involves a facilitated interaction and exchange with participants, usually involves explaining/teaching of a topic so participants learn skills or gain a deeper awareness about the particular issue.

To submit, please send an email to by 11:59pm, January 15th, 2010 with the following:

  1. Name(s), institutional/organization affiliation, short biography, and contact information (email and phone)
  2. Title of topic/presentation, category to which you are submitting (teach-in, dialogue, panel, workshop), and key area(s) of concentration (activism, art, scholarship, and/or spirituality)
  3. Provide a 250 word description of proposed topic/presentation, noting method(s) and goals
  4. Address how it relates to the decolonizing the university and/or is relevant to Ethnic Studies or the idea of a Third World College
  5. Audio/visual needs

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