Singapore Photo Gallery

Budget Traveler Alert!

Singapore is an excellent travel bargain.  Travelers to Singapore will find competitive airfares, warm climate, friendly locals, inexpensive taxis and metro, delectable cuisine, and fine shopping . As a solo female business traveler I especially appreciate the safe streets and predominately English-speaking population.

Now for the shadow side:

Racial discrimination that privileges Chinese over everyone else is blatant and supports the CIMO hierarchy.  CIMO is short hand for the ethnic composition of Singapore including Chinese (74.2), Malays (13.4), Indians (9.2) and Others (3.2).  I’m most aware of Chinese dominance when I think about the strict law and order policies that’s made Singapore infamous.  As someone who has traveled to mainland China and witnessed state censorship–the Singapore government has taken a page out of the People’s Republic of China’s political and social repression play book.  Do not even THINK about committing any offense in Singapore!  Citizens are routinely caned, punished, and jailed for what would be considered misdemeanor offenses in other countries.  No need to take my word for it, just read the daily stories in The Straits Times.

On The Island

I didn’t do much shopping this trip nevertheless I do recommend Singapore as a power shopper’s paradise. I spent most of my free time in Little India hanging out with my peeps–that is to say, local Indians.  I attended pooja/puja on two consecutive evenings at the SriVeeramakaliamamman Temple, a temple I first visited nearly 8 years ago.   My time at the temple was the highlight of my trip, as I’ve come to fully appreciate the adage “many paths to one God(dess).

Photo Quiz Answer

The device issued by the Department of Ministry is used to monitor the activity and attendance of the course instructor and students.  Unfortunately I can’t recall all of the type of data captured in this device but I do recall thinking the procedure for using the device.  I do recall thinking this amounts to an assualt on the civil liberties of faculty and students.

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