Bay Area Wellness: Skye Picks

Natural Rhythm “Back-to-Life” Massage

I’ve been going to the Healing Hut for over 10 years.  One would be hard pressed to find a more balanced and beautiful sistah than Farcia DeTole-Medearis.  Amongst other things she is a Liberian roots woman, trained massage therapist, dance performer and N.I.A. fitness instructor.  Her integrated approach includes various massage techniques, chakra alignment and an excellent grasp of human anatomy.

First-timers should be sure to inquire about introductory and email club reduced rates.


Natural Rhythm Healing Hut 438 Estudillo Avenue. San Leandro, CA 94577

Kabuki Hot Springs Communal Baths

The women only days remain the BEST bargain in town.  For only $22-$25 patrons have full access to a spacious communal bath area with nice amenties. And, best of all patrons can stay ALL day/evening!  I especially like Wednesdays because it seems that’s when the Asian and Black sistern show up in numbers.  If you generate an appetite during your visit there are plenty of restaruants/cafes on Fillmore Street including Sundays.

The Foot Spa and Tea Bar

I like this place because they offer authentic Chinese massage in the Grand Lake neighborhood.  The Foot Spa is located only a few doors down from the Sacred Well metaphyical store.

First-timers be sure to inquire about their introductory and grand opening prices.


The Foot Spa and Tea Bar 582 Grand Avenue Oakland, CA

The Sacred Well 536 Grand Avenue Oakland, CA


Last But Not Least

Nothing is more economical than a magnesium sulphate crystal bath at home!  Some spas charge exorbitant fees for what is essentially a household product.

Bonus Link

Ways to Use Epsom Salt for Healthy Living


2 Responses to “Bay Area Wellness: Skye Picks”

  1. lorraine james Says:

    while googling for info re: the East Bay Blues All-Stars, i was blessed to find you, most beautiful one! Is there a mailing list for new posts to your site? please put me on it.
    peace, love, and blessings,

  2. skyeviewtraveler Says:

    Greetings and respect Lorraine James. Thank you for your kind words. Yes there is a way to keep up with Skyeview via RSS feed. Now I’m not a technie so I am copying the RSS blurb from WordPress. You can find the RSS link in the menu to the right. I also post updates on FB Skye Diver (Honolulu, Hi)
    Google offers two different ways to keep up-to-date with your favorite sites:
    Your Google homepage brings together Google functionality and content from across the web, on a single page.

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