Sweet Water: Celebrating Queer Black Female Heritage


RESPECT DUE to the San Francisco GLBT Historical Society & Sankofa Events for hosting this standing room only literary and musical homage to Black lesbian culture on 2/13. Monica Anderson and Jaki Lee were the principal organizers, however it appeared to me that several if not all of the artists contributed their talents as a labor of love.  No divas, no inflated egos and no half-stepping–100% pure love.

In order of performance the artists and hosts included Monica Anderson, Jaki Lee, Nahi Ode Mata Akinola Auseti Brewer, KSuzanne Massey Sonjhai Meggette, Ryan, Sanda Burch, Enid Stern, Rasheedah Mwongozi, Chavez A. Vasquez, Mona Webb and Larena Burno.


One Response to “Sweet Water: Celebrating Queer Black Female Heritage”

  1. Rasheedah Sabreen Says:

    Greetings, Skye Ward,
    Thanks for giving this event a short but true,insightful review. It was a labor of love for me and I enjoyed being able to share my gifts.
    ~Love and Gratitude~
    Rasheedah Sabreen Mwongozi

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