Come Make We Talk, Come Make We Analyze


Activist Scholarship Book Launch (2/18)

Decolonizing the University (2/26-27)

Difficult Dialogues II: Call For Proposals (3/1)

Lesbians in the 70’s : Call For Proposals (3/15)


Barbara Smith wrote:

“I believe that another serious roadblock to activism is the ideological content of much current theory, especially in the academy.  Black lesbians who have been in school recently have often been exposed to the airless, inaccessible abstractions that dominate literary studies, women’s studies, and queer studies.  The varieties of academic theory that are most popular have little to say about the inhuman material conditions that motivate people to want to make change…Very little is said about why and under what conditions people begin to move, about how successful movements happen.  One criterion I often rely upon for assessing the revolutionary content of ideas and actions is to ask the question originally posed by the visionary poet and activist Sonia Sanchez, which is, “But how do it free us?” Sanchez is asking about collective strategies, not individualized solutions.  When most popular theoretical models are interrogated in this way, they do not have much to offer.”

The Truth That Never Hurts: Writings on Race, Gender, and Freedom. Pg. 172 Barbara Smith.  Rutgers University Press.


Revolutionary Tea Party You who know what the past has been You who work in the present tense You who see through to the future Come mek wi work together Come sit here with me An mek we drink tea A mek wi talk A mek wi analyse You who’ve been burned by vanguardism Come mek wi give you little nurturing Come sit awile A mek wi drink tea A mek wi talk A mek wi stategise You wo believe in the future And in transforming by your labour Let the future be in good favour We who create the wealth of the world and only get scrapings from them in control When wi siddown and look at the system Check out the way that things have been Wi haffi say, wi haffi say It rank how the system stay Wi haffi say, wi haffi say The system in a really bad way A way it a defend You who see for peace a future You who understand the past You who create with yu sweat from the heart Let’s talk. Let’s make art. Let’s love. Dance Rebel in the streets if that’s the beat Rebel in the streets if that’s the beat Demonstrate protest chant You who see for us a future Come sit here with me Mek we drink tea Let’s talk Mek wi analyse Mek wi strategise Mek we work together


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