Invitation: East Bay Book Discussion Group

Spring 2010

Are you ready to get a jump start on your spring/summer reading? Are you interested in cultivating a transnational feminist perspective while exploring issues pertaining to imperialism, racial/gender oppression, and the economic violence of capitalist globalization?  Would you like to do so in the company of women, in a relaxed, non-competitive, non-academic and welcoming environment?   Are you from the old school of feminist consciousness-raising–kitchen table stylee? Do you simply miss the camaraderie and fun of exchanging ideas with women readers and critical thinkers from diverse backgrounds?

If yes, then you are in luck!  Skyeview blogger Skye Ward is seeking participants for a book discussion group for one title only: Activist Scholarship: Antiracism, Feminism, and Social Change, edited by: Julia Sudbury and Margo-Okazawa-Rey. This is an IMPORTANT book for activists, critical thinkers, conjure and warrior women.

The proposed timing is a 3-hour discussion session for each chapter, from mid-March through April, tentatively Sundays 2-5pm in Oakland.  The actual dates and time will be determined by the group.

If interested please send an email to


Brief Description

This book explores what happens when scholars create active engagements between the academy and communities of resistance. In so doing, it suggests a new direction for antiracist and feminist scholarship, rejecting models of academic radicalism that remain unaccountable to grassroots social movements and exploring the community and the academy as interlinked sites of struggle.

[Paradigm Press]

Full Description


10 Responses to “Invitation: East Bay Book Discussion Group”

  1. Hey Skye,

    Let me know when the possible dates may be. I teach film weekends at Frameline for the next 4 months, and I’m currently editing a feature film, which has a chunk of my time. It would be nice to participate and to be in dialogue.


  2. Monica Anderson Says:

    Thank you, Sista Skye ~ you are a blessed blessing, indeed! Please sign me up, my dear! – Peace and love, Monica

  3. skyeviewtraveler Says:


    Hello Book Enthusiast,

    Thank you for responding to the call for participants for the Activist Scholarship book discussion group. The announcement just went out and replies are slowly trickling in. I’ll wait another week to see if we can get a minimum of 7-10 participants for the group, though given the keen interest I think my challenge will be to LIMIT the number of participants.

    In the meantime I would like interested folks to please purchase the book and read chapter one prior to the weekend of March 13. I will send a follow up post prior to the week of March 8 to schedule our first discussion. My preference is Sunday late afternoons, but I’ll wait to schedule the first session after I’ve surveyed the participants. Please let me know what times on the weekend would work best for you.

    Stay tuned.


  4. skyeviewtraveler Says:

    News Update!

    This just in from Margo-Okazawa-Rey.


    Hi Skye

    I could come sometime

    Thanks for organizing this!!

  5. Julia Sudbury Says:

    Great to know that such a wonderful group of critical thinking sistahs will be digesting the book. I hope you find much here to inspire and debate. Sorry not to be present, but approaching motherhood is rapidly becoming my priority right now!
    peace and blessings,

  6. Liz Hendrickson Says:

    Hi Skye: thanks for putting this together, it looks fabulous. If I can coordinate schedule wise, I’d like to participate. The weekend of March 13 is still shaping up for me, out of town relatives here to celebrate my 60th on Saturday and not sure about Sunday yet. So, will get the book and keep an eye out for your plans and see if I can hook up, if group space permits. If not, I appreciate your turning us all on to the book. Liz

  7. Nahi Brewer Says:

    Greetings Skye… very interested in joining this book discussion group. Please keep me posted. Peace and Blessings ~Nahi

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