Sistahs of the Drum Superb Performance & Potent Energy Medicine

Sistahs of the Drum Present Ancient Song: Present Rhythm!

MAXIMUM RESPECT to the Sistahs of the Drum ensemble, hosts Noliwe Alexander and Cynthia Lundy, house manager Lynn Bolton and their support team for putting on a visually STUNNING, rhythmically powerful and spiritually uplifting spring concert on Sunday, 5/23 in Oakland, CA.

The elegantly festooned Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club was filled to capacity with an overflow audience.  The entire affair felt balanced and harmonious, from the serene feng shui feel of the stage set,  lighting design worthy of a temple and strategically placed altars, to the captivating Bògòlanfini motifs on the performers gorgeous attire.  Superb!

Over the years the members of Sistahs of the Drum individually and collectively have honed their performance skillz and music medicine and it certainly showed in this performance. From the moment the ensemble made their rear entry into the performance space they commanded the audience’s attention and summoned the ancestors.   The sistern played the skins, prayed to the spirit guides and partied with the people all in the spirit of divine celebration.

A highlight of the performance were the energetic and expert performances by dancers Tina Vicena and Sena Kugbega–yes, divine feminie power in full effect. The Soul-to-Soul “Keep on Moving” theme ensemble jam  following the intermission was particularly delightful and fun.  The jam got the audience up on our feet.

I left the performance thinking–

“Yes, THIS  is how we can love & support one another in community…yes…THIS is how we do it!”

Honor and praises.


Blessed Conjure Women!

Standing L to R: Mar Stevens, Simbwala Schultz, Angela Niles Sitting L to R: Sandy Mills, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Rosetta Saunders

Bonus Links

Concert Program Cover

Concert Program2

Concert Program3

Smithsonian flash site on bògòlanfini

2 Responses to “Sistahs of the Drum Superb Performance & Potent Energy Medicine”

  1. donna rose Says:

    wow…i truly hate i missed this event! the good thing is, i will likely be back this way for the next school year…and i do look forward to checking out the oakland area…and receiving my sistren fix on a reg’lar:-) lotsa light…and many thanks for keepin’ us all updated and in the know about where to connect to such cultural offerings (balm for the soul)! donna rose, yo friendly, neighborhood travel therapist…

  2. Skye Ward Says:

    Much thanks for your comments.

    I think it’s important to acknowledge and honor our guardian angels here on earth. The members of Sistahs of the Drum are BRINGING it!

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