Community Pilgrimage To Mama Ocean: Grief Ritual & Offerings

Honor and praises to the spirit guides and ancestors who made their precense felt, Honorable Orisha Priestess, Iyanifa Fajembola Fatunmise, the elders, priestesses, and all of the love warriors and dreamweavers who participated in the ceremony.  A special word of thanks and appreciation goes to Richard Omo Eshu for putting the call out.

I bow down.

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Hello beautiful, caring community

I think its safe to say that on some level, all of us our dealing with this oil spill, whether we shut it out, or rage and cry about it everyday. Many of us feel helpless. This is a community ritual to deal with the grief in community, and go to the ocean with offerings of positivity and gratitude, and wishes for crystal clear waters and abundant thriving life. We will also leave Alameda Beach cleaner than how we found it.

This community ritual will be led by community elder, artist, author and Orisha Priestess, Iyanifa Fajembola Fatunmise, aka Luisah Teish. In the Orisha tradition offerings to Yemaya (Mama Ocean) is done with flowers (blue and white preferred, but not exclusive) and watermelon. This can be seen on the shores of Brazil en masse every New Years Eve by throngs of devotees dressed in white, making sure the Mother is happy at the birth of a new year.

Alameda Beach was selected because it has a history of being soiled by an oil spill, but was successfully cleaned up and is now in ecological recovery.

Wearing full whites is suggested, all are invited. Let us respectfully connect with community, the ancestors who were lost in the ocean, and the ocean itself. Asé O.

Richard Omo Eshu


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