The Postwoman Delivers!

Skyeview: Okay I give this laugh-out-loud comedy two thumbs up…nay make that middle and ring fingers waaay up!  The Postwoman is an entertaining, witty and clever film.  The actors expertly portrayed their characters, the dialogue is realistic and the bay area location shots were fun to watch. Overall the film is well paced though I must admit I didn’t want it to end.


There are so many verbal and visual puns that I think I can dispense with a bonafide spoiler alert in sharing my two favorite puns in the film.   Please allow me ONLY these two brief scenes to clue you in.


In a dialogue between one central character and the postwoman the women have an exchange about mail delivery.

Postwoman: You sure you don’t have anything for me.

Tonisha: Don’t you think that’s a question I should be asking you?

Postwoman: I dont have anything for you at this time.  But if I do I’ll leave it in your box.


The visual pun occurs in an outdoor scene with the other central character  Nia and the postwoman.  Nia approaches the letter carrier to give her a return mail envelope for a DVD rental.  Nia hands the postman a bright red dvd mailer the camera zooms in on the envelopes’ white lettering that reads “Lez Flix”.   Ha!

Luv it!

The Lez Flix scene is shown in the video clip posted on The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) website.   So you see its not REALLY  a spoiler on my account.  For the benefit of individuals who do not grasp the cultural reference click here.

My one thumb down is for the sporatic low audio scenes.  Also the post movie interview could benefit from more editing. Otherwise, breakout the popcorn, nachos, Gruyére panini sandwiches and/or beverage of choice and gather the tribe for a fun cinematic treat.


Script & Director: JD Walker

Support independent film & this first-time filmmaker by purchasing a copy.


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