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Nantes Walkabout

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Nantes, France

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Paris Walkabout

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Skyeview Archives


Dispatch #10 – Cineaffable: Paris Feminist Film Fest

Les lesbiennes de l’Espace LOC s ont de la memoire

Paris Art Venues



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Bonus Link

A Lover’s Question: David Linx / James Baldwin / Pierre Van Dormael

I discovered this CD in the Virgin Megastore on the rue Champs Elysee during my first visit to Paris in 1999.  I wept when I listened to it in my hotel room.

Dispatch #33 – International Human Rights Exchange

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A representative from Nelson Mandela’s alma mater informed me of this very special academic exchange program.


The International Human Rights Exchange (IHRE) is the world’s only full-semester, multidisciplinary program in human rights. The program is housed at the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) in Johannesburg, South Africa and is a joint venture with Bard College…We seek to promote a critical understanding of human rights as part of a broad intellectual and social movement, not simply as a code or set of laws. We believe that human rights is a discourse in transformation (and often in contest) that is best understood through a multidisciplinary approach extending to the humanities, social sciences, arts, and sciences.


Dispatch #32: Pray the Devil Back to Hell

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Leymah Gbowee gave the opening plenary address at the European Association of International Education Conference in Nantes, France on 16 September 2010. The documentary Pray The Devil Back To Hell screened on 9/17/10 and afterwards Gbowee participated in the Q & A.

You could have heard a PIN DROP in a screening room with a seating capacity of 400+ when Gbowee challenged audience members not to be passive voyuers sitting in ivory towers pontificating and theorizing on African women’s liberation struggles. Mind you now this was at the preeminent conference for international education professionals and educators in Europe.

The moderator became visibly agitated!

Afterwards an associate of mine a Jewish white woman in her early 60’s, senior administrator & scholar, commented to me that as practicing Buddhist she was glad for the opportunity to examine her own stuff and welcomed Gvowee’s challenge.

I was so glad to be in her company because we sat for a while to decompress and talk. Interestingly she shared with me her own experience with sensations of spirit movements in Nante, similar what resonated as racial memory for me. I had not shared with her my experience she volunteered the information in the course of our conversation.

I live for moments like these…lessons in FEARLESSNESS and SOLIDARITY!


17/9/2010  Nantes, France

Commerce Market (Nantes France)

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Dispatch 19/9/2010

Below are photos of figurines purchased from African market women. It is my habit to purchase something form street vendors particuarly market women when I visit a place.
African wood cargo played a big role in the slave trade in Nantes.  I’m just doing my part to appease the spirits on the Loire by recirculating the wealth.

French city looks at role in the African slave trade (article)

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Music Out Of France!

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Skye’s Playlist

Ben L’Ongle – Soulman (Luv EVERYTHING about this artist and video)

Ben L’Ongle Soul – Signed Seal Delivered

Ben L’Ongle –  I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Macy Gray Live At Taratata

Macy Gray – I Try


Macaiba Percussions Bresiliennes
Hocus Pocus – Smile
Music Resources
My (I stay up ALL NIGHT watching this channel when I’m in France!)
Motown France

Mediatheque Saturday Market (Nantes, France)

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Saturday 18 September 2010

Nantes ,France

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