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Pride Parade 2010 New Delhi, India

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“The third edition of Pride Parade Delhi took place in central Delhi on 28th November. Over 2000 gays and supporters participated in the parade which started from Barakhama Road and terminated at Jantar Mantar. A stage had been set up from where members of community addressed the gathering. Delhi Police had barricaded the area around the venue. Participants in the rally were wearing colorful masks. Some of them were seen without masks and hugging and kissing their partners. This parade was first after the Delhi High Court judgment revoking the controversial Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that criminalized same sex relationship.” [Taken from Demotix]

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Photos taken exclusively for Skyeview

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Peace Wall – Bombay

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Marine Line Road near Churchgate Station


The Sweetest Taboo

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This stately beast gently approached another black cow resting on the highway meridium and gave it the most affectionate nudge on the nose. Grace, tenderness and playfulness in the midst of urban activity. Memorable

Note to myself: Remember the powerful looking & goregous dark hue, bearded Sadhu with prominent African-American features seen shortly after this photo was taken.

Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway

Ahmedabad, India



Bonus link

History of the “Sacred” Cow.

Autorickshaw Interior Graphics

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Aspirations & Escapes

Ahmedabad, India

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Carol Burnett Show- No Frills Airline

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It is messages like this one in response to the Shanghai airport ding that inspires me to blog.  Sweet.

Photo credit: Nathan Sawaya


thank you for sharing.

My mouth dropped at the beauty, please extend a gentle touch for me. I enjoy journeys as such when i venture out to NYC’s china town but through the rush and fast pace i feel like i am missing alot. I would like to see and learn, yes “learn” more. I am open and willing to receive and explore. If there is a gathering please extend an invitation,

Thanks again



Walkabout: Xuanwu Lake Park (Part 2)

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Xuanwu Lake Park

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Nanjing, China