Empowering Women of Color Conference

Empowering Women of Color Conference
Building Across Difference: Inciting a Movement of Our Own

Saturday, February 19, 2011
MLK Student Union | UC Berkeley

The Empowering Women of Color Conference is brought to you by the Women of Color Initiative of theGraduate Assembly, UC Berkeley.  This year’s theme of the 26th annual Empowering Women of Color Conference, “Building Across Difference: Inciting a Movement of Our Own”, honors our legacy, celebrates our struggles and provides a space to develop practical tools for our everyday lives. The Women of Color Initiative has dedicated this year’s conference to critical questions and conversations relating to activism, mental health awareness, and building across difference amongst each other and with allies. The goal this year is to provide a space for critical analyses as a way to produce generative dialogue necessary for the empowerment of women of color. EWOCC aims to develop new strategies to address current struggles as informed and empowered activists on our own terms. We invite women of color of all ages, abilities, socio-economic and citizenship status, sexualities, religions, and cultural backgrounds to contribute to the day’s events.

Keynote speakers include Angela Davis, Ericka Huggins, and Dylcia Pagan.


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