Cherríe Moraga, LOCs & Pro-Democracy Protests

Sistah Comrade Cherríe Moraga

SF Bay Area: Palestinian Queer Activists Talk Politics

Cherríe Moraga moderated the public forum.

Forum Questions

What does the Palestinian queer movement have in common with other LGBTQ movements worldwide?

How can we understand and work with issues of visibility and the notion of “coming out” within the Palestinian context?
What are the questions, goals, beliefs and dreams of the Palestinian queer movement?

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Aswat Group – Palestinian Gay Women

Privately, I asked Cherríe if she would respond to one pressing question for Skyeview.

How do you respond to lesbians of color in particuar and people in general in the US who fail to recognize the intersections between our struggles here in the US, and the pro-democracy uprisings in the Maghreb, the Middle East and beyond?  What say ye to the sistern?

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Corporate Democracy vs Real Democracy

Cherríe commented that sistern who proclaim what’s going on over there doesn’t have anything to do with us over here, is making the assumption that there is separation between “us” and “them”.  There is no separation between the lives of LOC’s in the US and pro-democracy demonstrators abroad. People need to understand that geopolitical boundaries are rapidly disappearing if not already disappeared.   In one of those poignant Martin Luther King, Jr. “I may not get there with you” moments, Cherríe predicts that within 30 years, possibly at the end of her life, the world will be a completely different place.

Cherríe noted, sistern in the US experiencing difficulty with grasping intersecting oppressions simply need to understand that the pro-democracy protesters in the Maghreb and the Middle East are seeking the same type of economic, civic and political benefits that Americans have enjoyed for centuries.  A crucial difference is that they are seeking REAL democracy, something we don’t have in the US.  Here in the US, we have CORPORATE democracy–we are not citizens, we are consumers.

May the ancestors continue to hold you in their favor sistah comrade.


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