TAOLB Skyeview Feature Artist: Desire Simone Johnson

The Art of Living Black (TAOLB) Satellite Exbihit at Mills College

It was a pleasure meeting and talking with this 19 year old sophomore. Ms. Johnson among many other things is a sexual assualt survivor who is using her paintings, chapbook and music to help other women self-liberate from their trauma.  You can read more about the campus support group she founded on Mills College here.

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Here’s an entry from the chapbook.

Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 12:46 PM

i remember that I can’t remember anything prior to 3 yrs old
i remember that I have lived through trauma
i remember moving from Santa Monicia-Oakland-Santa Monica-Oakland…
in the middle of the night
i remember watching people smoke crack in front of me
i remember seeing my mother beat
i remember moving constantly

i remember seeing porn at the age of 4
i remember how he would pin me behind the door…
i remember starting my period when I was 8
i remember people that hated me for my body
i remember in 5th grade boys called me the hottie

I remember the first time I was raped
I remember the second time too[8 years total]
I remember I carried on a relationship with a pedophile
I remember the first time I realized I was abused
I remember I told everyone in my poems

I remember everyone was blind to know them
I remember that no one could help
I remember being 17 and pregnant…and having a miscarriage…
I remember when I was 18 and decided to say

I remember that you will remember me

I remember that this is where our story begins.


One Response to “TAOLB Skyeview Feature Artist: Desire Simone Johnson”

  1. Hello 😀 It was great meeting you as well I hope that you return to next years show as well

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